Skyactive Technology at McDonald Mazda

Understanding Skyactiv at McDonald Mazda

Mazda leading the way with combustion engine allowing consumers to have better fuel consumption. The Skyactiv gasoline engine produces more low/mid-range  torque while consuming less fuel while giving the consumer better gas mileage. Mazda wanted to improve their rotor engine with the goal of better fuel economy, low emissions and a great driving performance. They developed a engine with a transmission that will automatically down shift gears to save 15% of the cars energy. The new body style is 8% lighter and it is 30% more rigid for safety performance. 
Mazda has designed a new three part function breaking system to save electricity as the car comes to a stop. With this saved energy you will be able to power headlights, audio systems and other electrical outputs without having your engine turned on. With this benefit you will improve fuel efficiency.
The new body style is 8% lighter which will improve gas mileage. Also, the body structure is 30% more rigid which will allow better safety performance in a collision.
With this innovative transmission technology Mazda is able to take the  fuel efficiency from a manual  and optimize the engine gear ration speed for an automatic.With better gear changing, you are able to improve you fuel consumption by  7%.


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