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Perma Plate Car Protection

For many of us, our cars have become our home away from home. We spend more time in our automobiles than ever before making the need for appearance protection products a must, not an option. Choosing PermaPlate automotive protection products for your automobile is the best decision you can make to keep the "show room shine" of your new car, to maintain its value for years to come. By also purchasing additional coverage to the manufacturer's various warranties, you are further protecting your investment, your safety, and your financial peace of mind.

Ultimate Paint Protection- PermaPlate Paintguard®

Ultimate Paint Protection against:

  • Oxidation and fading caused by the sun's powerful ultra-violet rays
  • Corrosion caused by sea and road salt, acid rain, and industrial fallout
  • Discoloration caused by bird droppings and tree sap, acid rain, water spotting,   industrial fallout and insect damage


The quality and success of PermaPlate Paintguard stems from two decades of innovative automobile paint protection product research and testing. Without paint protection, your automobile's paint finish is easy prey for the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays--a hazard that can quickly cause oxidation and fading. With professional application, PermaPlate Paintguard's exclusive paint sealant protection formula bonds with, and seals, the paint surface creating a continuous, durable protective finish.


Our commitment to your automobile's appearance begins with a professional application of the finest products available. To retain this good head start, we recommend the Perma Plate Maintenance Kit. Available as part of the Perma Plate protection system, our PermaPlate Paintguard Renewer and Wash Concentrate make it easy to maintain your automobile's brilliant finish well into the future.


PermaPlate Windshield Protection-Protection From the Perils of the Road

  • Repair of windshield chips and cracks
  • No out-of-pocket expenses or deductible on any covered damage or windshield replacement
  • Repairs or replacements may be done at the selling dealership, customer's home or office by experienced professionals


PermaPlate Windshield Treatment contains a unique molecular coupling agent that chemically bonds to the glass surface, fusing at the molecular level. This creates a hydrophobic and protective coating by capping the natural glass pores and its surface ridges. This bond strengthens and improves the quality of automotive glass by creating a strong covalent bond that acts as a protective shield.


PermaPlate Windshield Treatment was created to provide unprecedented protection to vehicle glass from chips and cracks. PermaPlate Windshield Treatment uses the latest in molecular nano-chemistry to make your windshield stronger with enhanced clarity for a safer, clearer glass


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