Mazda Battery Service


The battery in your Mazda provides the electrical power to the ignition starter and all other various electrical systems. Once the battery provides the energy needed to start the engine, in then begins charging with power from the alternator and while doing so providing power to all areas of your Mazda.   

Battery Function and Failure Indicators

Car batteries have many important functions which include:

  • Provide the energy necessary to start the engine (starter motor, ignition system, fuel system, etc.)
  • Storing energy created by the alternator both during and after operation.
  • Provide power to all electronic systems in the vehicle such as: radio, dash components and lights, alarms, on-board computers, etc.
  • Provides power to the vehicles alarm system, clock, and locking mechanism as needed when the vehicle is turned off.

Important signs of a dead or failing battery

  • Headlights dim excessively at idle
  • Headlights dim excessively when air condition or electrical accessories are turned on
  • Slow or interrupted engine cranking especially in cold weather
  • Vehicle requires a jump-start or recharging
  • Cracked, loose or squealing alternator belts


With so much of your vehicles operation depending on your cars battery it is important to regularly service and replace them when needed. Most automotive batteries will last between three and five years, depending on the frequency the car is driven. To increase the life of your battery avoid using the stereo, A/C or other electrical functions when the engine is turned off. Also make sure all lights are turned off inside and outside of the car, for these can also rapidly drain the life of your battery.


Battery Service at McDonald Mazda

  • factory trained Mazda technician  will visually inspect your vehicles battery
  • Test the battery to check its capacity and see if a replacement is necessary
  • Connect an external power source to the vehicles electrical system so that the onboard computers, clock, radio, alarms, etc all remain active.
  • Remove the dead battery and replace it with a new one.


To learn more about battery and other services offered at McDonald Mazda 

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