Mazda6 vs. Honda Civic vs Ford Fusion

Mazda6 conceptualized by engineers who understood potential of the modern sedan had not been fully realized. That's why they challenged the status quo by bringing efficiency and performance together in the same vehicle like never before. It's also why when you compare Mazda6 to class veterans like Honda Civic and Ford Fusion, the race is over before it starts.

        Mazda6 vs. Honda Civic

  • Traveling with coworkers or family? Mazda6 has more rear-passenger headroom and legroom, meaning you won't be stuck with uncomfortable children all weekend or transporting complaining coworkers to that lunch meeting.
  • Thanks to a better combined fuel economy than Honda Civic, Mazda6 means more savings on fuel costs and less stops for gas on the road - whether you're heading to a weekend at the mountain or an important business conference.
  • Choosing Civic is also fine if you're not planning on bringing much with you. Mazda6 has more room over cargo space than Honda Civic - so you don't have to leave anything behind. That's what makes it the preferred choice of area families and professionals.

    Mazda6 vs. Ford Fusion

  • Looking for a viable long term investment when it comes to fuel consumption? Mazda6 is the clear winner. With a 31 MPG combined fuel efficiency rating, Mazda6 leaves Ford Fusion filling up for another tank. And if you're traveling over long distances, you'll be thrilled to know Mazda6 has a 38 MPG highway rating that doesn't just best Ford Fusion, but several class-similar vehicles.
  • Don't get stuck in the slow lane on the way to work. With superior horsepower and torque compared to Ford Fusion, Mazda6 isn't just more efficient, it's more powerful too. Mazda6's 184-horsepower engine means you'll be passing Ford Fusion and several other sedans during your commute.
  • Since Mazda engineers always prioritize safety, it's no surprise that the Mazda6 trumps other class-similar vehicles in this category too. With  features like Dynamic Stability and Traction Control systems, standard Hill Launch Assist, side-impact door beams and an optional Rear Cross Traffic alert system, the Mazda6 offers several safety features you won't find in Ford Fusion.
  • The Mazda 6's convenient factory-integrated Mazda Navigation System also offers all of the advanced features modern drivers rely on, including voice commands and advanced lane guidance and hands-free calling technology. In the Ford Fusion, you'll be stuck pulling over fumble with your cell phone.

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