Mazda3 vs Honda Civic vs Ford Focus


Do safety, technology, efficiency or even beauty matter, if a car doesn't feel right in your hands? The stylish, fuel-efficient Mazda3 has been turning heads throughout Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Centennial and Lakewood. That's because drivers across the region know nothing's better than driving a great car - particularly one that leaves its class-similar competition in the dust. Read on to see how the all-new Mazda3 stacks up against Honda Civic and Ford Focus.

Mazda3 vs. Honda Civic
  • Looking to get to where adventure takes you without frequent stops or a constantly mounting fuel budget? Mazda3 has better combined gas mileage than Honda Civic. In fact, Mazda3 has better combined gas mileage than the average of the entire 2015 compact hatchback class. Now that's saving with style.
  • If you need enough room to bring along everything you need for work and play - you'll have a much easier time of it in Mazda3. That's because Mazda3's 20 cubic feet of cargo space is nearly twice that of Honda Civic - meaning your passengers will still have plenty of room while their instruments, golf clubs or beach chairs ride out back.
  • Mazda3 doesn't just offer a more efficient, roomier and stylish driving experience - it does so at a significantly lower cost. Mazda3 costs over $5K less than Honda Civic which makes it the far better option for both long term savings and investment.

 Mazda3 vs. Ford Focus

  • Looking to cut down on fuel consumption? Mazda3 packs all the power you need to gallop down the highway and get around the neighborhood - all while it's efficient 2.0L Inline engine sips gas. The all-new Mazda3 isn't just more fuel efficient than Ford Focus - it's more efficient than the entire class average of 2015 compact sedans. Now that's savings on the fly.
  • With standard high-tech safety features like brake assist, post-collision safety system and daytime running lights, Mazda3 doesn't just help you in the event of trouble - it helps you avoid it in the first place. Ford Focus lacks both a post-collision safety system and brake assist, meaning you'll also be lacking in some peace of mind.
  • Thanks to Mazda3's standard Bluetooth connectivity options, your entire smartphone's gamut of contacts and audio entertainment options are right at your fingertips. In Ford Focus, you're stuck listening to AM radio - not exactly the life of the party.

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