Mazda Helps Us Drive Towards a Better Tomorrow

When we make our way onto a lot, we don't always think about anything other than ourselves. We aren't being selfish; it's just that we have come to a dealership for one thing and one thing only: to get ourselves a new care. Mazda realizes this so starting on the 21st of this month and extending to right on into January, Mazda will be giving away both their time and money.

Because by simply taking a test drive, Mazda will donate an hour of their time to donating within the community. And when/if you make it to the next step and actually purchase a car, Mazda will donate $150 to a charity with every buy or lease program.

Let's then start making spending time at a dealership more about the community we call home and the people we call our neighbors. Trust in Mazda to do more than just supply you with premium models but with the building the building blocks towards a better tomorrow.  Celebrate and donate with us at  McDonald Mazda by stopping in to check out of new Mazda inventory in Littleton, CO today.


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