Mazda Rehires a Legendary Automotive Designer

If you owned a Mazda car between the years of 1995 and 2000, there is a good chance your model was influenced by a man named Kevin Rice. Kevin is an automotive mastermind who worked for Mazda in the late 90’s and helped sculpt and design the new Mazda lineup. Following his years with Mazda, Kevin furthered his career by working for German luxury automaker, BMW.

Executives at Mazda were very impressed with the work he was doing for BMW’s compact sedans and coupes. So much, in fact, they started reaching out to Rice in an effort to get him back on the Mazda design team. Their negotiations have paid off and the folks at McDonald Mazda in Littleton, Colorado  are proud to have Kevin Rice back on our side! Just as Peyton Manning has helped the Denver Broncos reach new levels of success, we fully expect Kevin Rice to do the same with the Mazda brand.

Kevin Rice will join the Mazda family as the automaker's new creative director.

Although the new Mazda lineup here at McDonald Mazda is quite impressive, we are excited to see some new changes come down the pipeline.  To learn more about how this will affect the Mazda brand, please feel free to contact your local Mazda dealership at 6100 South Broadway. To stay updated with the latest news and rumors surrounding Mazda, make sure to subscribe to the McDonald Mazda blog. Our Mazda blog covers everything from 2014 Mazda3 spy photos to the new rotary engine.

McDonald Mazda is located at 6100 South Broadway in Littleton, Colorado, just minutes outside of Denver. From everybody at our Mazda dealership, we look forward to speaking with you soon!


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